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Cepheid is an American molecular diagnostics company. Its systems automate traditional nucleic acid tests (tests for specific sequences of DNA or RNA). The tests can be used to identify and analyze pathogens and genetic disorders. Cepheid sells clinical tests for healthcare-associated infections, infectious diseases, sexual health, oncology and genetics. The cartridges used in Cepheid's testing machines are single-use and must be bought from the manufacturer. The company has been accused of profiteering, with a Doctors without Borders analysis claiming that Cephid is charging over six times the cost of production for COVID-19 test cartridges sold to developing countries.

A former employee shared his experience at the company, "Very busy with very high demands. It's great to belong to a company who is making a difference, but without great leadership, at the end of the day, it's just another job. Cepheid doesn't provide enough training or support from all aspects of the company. People don't stay long, I was so excited to be part of a great company like Cepheid and then disappointed a few months into the job."


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Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I learned the hard way."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior leaders don’t care about individuals and create a rude and confrontational culture. Customer Care leadership is very poor. Little opportunity for advancement and development."

Current Employee - Finance/Accounting says

"There may be some people get promoted because they have the right skills. Most of them don't. You need to please the management. They hired a lot of unqualified people. Titles are also inflated."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company acts like a start-up but isn’t one at all. Working with other departments is beyond stressful. It’s like every department for themself and no one really wants to help anyone else. Most managers are incompetent and are in so many meetings that they are so far removed. Most people are not held accountable for their actions, there are sooooo many slackers and no one seems to care. Barely any room for growth unless you want to relocate to California. PTO sucks. Lots of options for health insurance but their all relatively the same and not the greatest"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Toxic work environment. Back-stabbers, politics, say one thing - do another"

Current Employee - Mold Maintenance Technician says

"literally everything from management to advancement"

Current Employee - Specialist says

"Cepheid was far from perfect before Danaher acquired it, but at least before that you knew the shared purpose. Sure, Cepheid never made much of a profit, or any for that matter. But the quality of the people and the products was really something special. Since acquisition completed in 2016, Danaher's "4 Year Plan" has gone spectacularly well. I hardly know anybody who works here anymore. The brain drain is so bad; you could argue there isn't much brain left. Management all the way up to VP level’s expounding on the virtuous mission of "We hire from within". This is only true in the sense that they hire and promote people who are generally in low, entry level positions. They are hired into positions they are not ready to be in. But because management can get that person to work for way less money then having to pay the experienced dedicated employee, critical positions are filled by people who don't deserve to be in those positions. This reality that we original Cepheid employees live in, is exacerbated by the outside hiring of incompetent and LEAN certified into technical management positions. I actually had a new technical manager say to me, "What does the SOP even say, sorry haven't read it." You mean the very SOP the people you are in charge of have to live or die by on a daily basis? These "DBS/LEAN Goons" are not specific only to Danaher, they can be found at every extremely corporate institution around the world. If you’re young, ready to work hard for little money. Ready to just say "Yes" to whatever your manager says, regardless if it's technically right or not, this is the place for you! I wish you luck though, the favoritism and adherence to DBS is nauseating to any thinking human being. Best Team Wins! (Still Don't Know What That Means). Oh, one last thing the great products that used to exist..... let’s just say LEAN manufacturing practices have brought those great products down to....“less than optimal???”. Good news is they'll be having a KAIZEN and a bunch of people who have no idea what they are talking about will come up with an innovative way to fix things."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers operate based on favoritism instead of holding their directs accountable for achieving results. There are no consequences for those who do not behave in a professional manner, impacting the effectiveness of the rest of the team and undermining their trust with peers."


"Trust lacking with management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad Culture: Prior to the Danaher acquisition, although Cepheid had its cultural and operational problems, it was still a fun place to work. People were friendly, willing to cooperate and assist improvement efforts. Employees had time for employee sponsored welfare activities like Halloween Pot Luck Parties, as one example. Today, no one has time for anything but trying to get their outrageous workloads accomplished and meet the Danaher visual metrics goals established and publicly posted in the effort to shame you for being behind in your goal; the public posting is what they call the "Danaher Way". The culture is more like Gestapo propaganda! Don't consider working there! Rhetoric and deceit (management does not walk their talk): The management and Danaher corporation say one thing and do quite another. They spout rhetoric like "Go to Gemba" to make sure you know what is going on in your area which is essentially the age old method of "management by walking around". Yet you never see top executives anywhere asking how things are going; listening to floor employee concerns; taking notes; spearheading action. The only time I see my departments executive is when that person holds a staff meeting to spout even more rhetoric (i.e., propaganda). I love to watch the blank stares of the employees during these meetings. No one cares to hear it yet again. Management is not employee friendly ad fat with hubrus: Prior to Danaher, my direct manager was genuinely concerned about our careers, work-life balance and general well-being and listened to our ideas taken from our experience. Senior management in the past was not. Senior management had always and still does sit in their ivory tower; never saying hello to lower level grunt staff or even walking around to be seen. When my manager was replaced with a Danaher goon, all that direct-line humanitarianism was gone. The new Danaher management is myopically focused on cost reduction at the expense of people. "Work More With Less" and "Profits Before People" should be the slogans they post on placards in the hallways along with their posters that say "Just Do It". What the heck do they think that slogan that says to their staff? In addition, many of the new management do not want to hear what you have to say because the "Danaher Way" is the only way, so get out of the way."

Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"They are bullies. They invite you to speak up and if you do so then you get fired. It is a horrible please to work. Management suck. No promotion. It is who you know, no what you know.NoneHorrible Managmen. HR will not protect you."

Inspection (Former Employee) says

"Bad supervisor, minimum wage, unprofessional, far commute from san jose with lots of traffic, not too many english speaking people difficult to understand in a loud (loud machines)work environment. I complain about blood or poo everywhere in the bathroom and took pictures i sent them to the grave supervisor she didn't have anyone clean it up, would feel sick working there because they have flus they test with there medical devices"

Material Handler II (Current Employee) says

"Poor management skills by manager, very bias. Did not feel comfortable working with the manager. Management skills were poor, did not know how to split up job duties. Some did nothing while other did everything"

Mold Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"Before danaher took over work was relatively straight forward. after they sent in new managers it slowly got worse. managers and hr violate labor laws and the company's own mandates on a daily basis and often times in front of each other. workers are treated as slaves at best. work takes hits because of all the meetings. safety is ignored(no fire alarm handles or MERT reps) but small things like tags on carts will be called out and written up. managers become aggressive and yell but will threaten firings if employees talk back. there is zero growth especially if youve called out any problems. training has been n hold for 4 years because," managers are busy but are building a plan". do yourself a favor and stay away. pays moneymanagement and hr"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very poor training for the position you are hired for. Sadly there is poor Management, and let me go right after I was taken off of disability with a serious medical problem."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Very busy with very high demands. It's great to belong to a company who is making a difference, but without great leadership, at the end of the day, it's just another job. Not enough training or support from all aspects of the company. People don't stay long, I was so excited to be part of a great company and then disappointed a few months into the job."

business support role (Former Employee) says

"they fire associates unjustly (even if you get a met expectations), management turns over a lot, bad culture overall, avoid this place at all costs! Lots of politics. Lots of turnover!car charging station that you have to pay forno lunch room, lots of politics!"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"SInce the buyout the company has lost its charm. It is a mess where management has no idea on what is going on and restricting happens and more confusion is caused. Hope there is a shakeup in management that can turn this company aroundnoneDO not work till clean up happens"

Quality Control Inspector (Current Employee) says

"The culture of this business only left room for advancements for people whom were in favor. No actually hard workers were ever shown and acknowledgment."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company wide culture is negative, there is no collaboration between departments or management. Very Stressful work environment. Jumping through Hoops is a daily activity."

Manufacturing Instrument Assembler III (Current Employee) says

"environment is nice and awesome. i thought everything is perfect but suddenly it change so quick. Cepheid let go their Instrument Manufacturing and give it to a contract company to do their GeneXpert Instrument "to save money".and they give employee 48 hours to decide if you gonna take the job from contract company, its take it or leave it situation. they didn't even give you a chance to stay for different position. of course people don't much have a choice to take that job. ok to make the story short . how sure your product is in good hand..how about quality? we are talking molecular instrument device.2nd family . Instrument Manuacturingthey let go all their talented and loyal employee ."

Molecular Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Cepheid had great products. They paid well and the benefits where good. They had the worst most abusive managers while I was there. There management style was destructive, unrealistic, abusive and demoralizing. They had a change in management right after I left the organization. From what I understand the new management is much better. Sorry they weren't there when I worked there. great product.horrible managers. HORRIBLE."

Software Quality Engineer I (Current Employee) says

"Like seriously just don't unless you're looking into doing research and development in biology. I have heard only good things about R&D and Assay development though."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Decent company. Need a culture shift and organizational change for there to be progression. Too many silo's and they are not actively broken down by executive management. Too many important initiatives for the business are drive bottom-up which does not facilitate success.LocationManagement needs to be more driven; Culture shift necessary for company-wide success;"

Apprenti comptable (Former Employee) says

"Je ne recommande pas CEPHEID à un apprenti qui veut apprendre et qui veut progresser et découvrir le monde professionnel. Ils arrivent à te mettre dans un coin et à te reprocher ton manque d'investissements. La tutrice qui m'a été désigné avait tellement peur qu'on lui pique son poste qu'elle ne travaillait jamais avec moi. Et lorsqu'un membre de l'équipe a voulu m'aider, il a eu droit à une discussion avec le manager de l'équipe qui lui a fait comprendre que son travail n'était pas de m'aider. Au service RH, les femmes qui y travaille font du favoritisme. Les apprentis sont là pour remplir les quotas. Aucun suivi et des remarques déplacées. Devant mon professeur, ils ont réussi à me faire passer pour une personne qui ne s'investissait pas, qui ne s’intéressait à rien, sans avenir. Ils sont arrivés en un an à me faire croire que j'étais le problème et que je n'étais pas fait pour la comptabilité. En moins d'un an, il y a eu dans le service 6 départs dans une équipe de 17 personnes. Une entreprise qui a encore énormément de progrès au niveau du bien-être de ses salariés. Beaucoup de bon éléments misent de côté à cause de personne comme ma tutrice. (manipulatrice, fausse et sans ambition)Tickets restaurantsAmbiance, service RH, management"

Electrical and Mechanical Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a contractor in the automation engineering department. When I was hired they has informed me that they had a lot of work to do, but parts were always getting delayed. Often times people will be working alone doing nothing. I was just released from the contract after being there for a couple months. The managers didn't have a clue what they're doing and training is very minimal.TV in the main break room and subsidized smacks in the vending machine.Poor management"

Diagnostic Consumables Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management thinks we don't hear them talk smack behind our backs, but we all have ears. There is also no opportunity to grow. If management dislikes you, you will most likely not get promoted even if you have worked there for years. I was also told that HR offered me a salary below the minimum of what my title entailed. THANKS HR!"

Assembly Line Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was nice working in cepheid. Ive learned a lot in a short period of time.Some people were nice and ofcourse some were not.ive learned that eventhough your a good worker and you take a lot of overtime still they wont keep youfree coffee, tea, utensilseven youve been there for almost a year they wont offer permanent position"

Quality Control (Former Employee) says

"Overall good company with poor management, they have emotions and bad altitude towards employee in work place. You would feel work under high pressure, and you have to live with “blaming” working environment. There are limited source for your career development and they would not give you time to learn . The company required you work 18mo full time before a internal transfer. Pay fairBad management"

engineer (Former Employee) says

"company has products aimed to save lives and improve medical outcomes.BUT...some departments have incompetent managers who lack the expertise and skillset required to manage their team. they just delegate all the work given to them by their managers to their employees and they take no ownership of their responsibilities. instead, they take all the credit of their employees' hard work and make their employees the scapegoats when they don't deliver. they micromanage too much and don't contribute in any significant way.and there's really no room for growth for those who are honest, hard-working people.company needs to be rid of these "cancers" and retain good/dedicated people to be productive and sustainable."

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